It is Just too Hot! Global warming sucks!!!

I have been trying to get my self in the mood to post something but its just too hot!!!

I love being warm, but this heat wave we have going on here on the East Coast is a scorcher! And it is all because of global warming and climate change.  I have become more aware of this because of my oldest daughter, her becoming more environmentally conscious we have learned a lot. I try to take a bag for collecting garbage on walks and hikes. I have stopped using straws, and we purchased reusable straws and she has switched to a sustainable tooth brush and floss. We are trying to reduce our plastic use, that is a tough one, because everything seems to be packaged in plastic. We are huge second hand shoppers, for the most part that is where I buy most of our clothing.

But will it be enough.

We are only one family, but I hope that by reducing our carbon footprint and cleaning up what we can we are helping in some small way. Every little bit helps right?

How do you help? Are there other small things that we can do that I am not aware of yet?



Author: HyperchildChillmom

Mom and Daughter team talking life with ADHD. In all our loud and over whelming ways!

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