It is Just too Hot! Global warming sucks!!!

I have been trying to get my self in the mood to post something but its just too hot!!!

I love being warm, but this heat wave we have going on here on the East Coast is a scorcher! And it is all because of global warming and climate change.  I have become more aware of this because of my oldest daughter, her becoming more environmentally conscious we have learned a lot. I try to take a bag for collecting garbage on walks and hikes. I have stopped using straws, and we purchased reusable straws and she has switched to a sustainable tooth brush and floss. We are trying to reduce our plastic use, that is a tough one, because everything seems to be packaged in plastic. We are huge second hand shoppers, for the most part that is where I buy most of our clothing.

But will it be enough.

We are only one family, but I hope that by reducing our carbon footprint and cleaning up what we can we are helping in some small way. Every little bit helps right?

How do you help? Are there other small things that we can do that I am not aware of yet?



Stop using straws, bad for the Sea Turtles #nostraws


I had no idea that a common item that most people use daily is so dangerous for Sea Turtles. My oldest daughter who has recently become more involved in nature conservation told us about this harmful plastic item. We are now a straw free home and use reusable hard plastic straws. We carry some in our cars and I will be putting one in my purse. But I would like to tell you how much she is affecting everyone else around her.

AJ is 17 years old, a Warrant officer in her cadet squadron and is maintaining a 94% average in grade 12, pursuing a Law Degree starting at Saint Mary’s University this September. She has several ceremony’s¬†coming up over the next month and plans on bringing up the Sea Turtles in all her speeches. She participates in effective speaking competitions every March through the Lions club. This year she won the first round at the Dartmouth area one, and went on to the second round, where she placed 2nd. Her speech was on straws and how bad they are for Sea Turtles.

Yesterday we volunteered for a Dog Walking Fundraiser for the Lions Club. This is an event they put on every year in support of guide dogs and she wanted to volunteer. She is a dog lover and every chance she gets to be involved with them she takes it. We volunteer at the SPCA to walk dogs regularly.

The head Lion came over to her while we were finishing up and said I want to tell you a story. She said yes of course. He said “I was in McDonald’s last week and I was getting a meal. I was unable to get a straw because of your speech. I just couldn’t bring myself to do it.” I was so proud of her in that moment I can’t even describe it. She was able to affect a change in someone other than her immediate family and friends. She of course was a little teary eyed, and said “That made my day sir…Thank you so much and I’m sure the Sea Turtles thank you as well.”

This goes to show that anyone can make a small change that can affect others. And then that person will affect another change, just by talking about it.

So I’m posting this about the Sea Turtles:

Save the Turtles America

I came across this site and think they are a wonderful American site. They have a lot of facts that I didn’t know, but I seen the amount of straws we collected through my daughters Clean up she did a few weekends ago.

This is a site I found that is just in my “backyard”, over in Halifax. I need to show AJ this one so she can hopefully volunteer some time over there.

Save the Turtles Canada

I’m sure there are many more and as AJ begins her University Life she will learn about more conservation efforts she can join. There are so many great opportunities for young people to get involved. She has organized her own clean up and wants to do more, If she sees garbage laying around she picks it up, which in turn has her father carrying a small bag for collecting garbage on his nightly walks. It really does only take one to make change. So be the start of something great.


Chill Mom Julia