Exploring Nova Scotia, Keeping busy and active this summer

Our favorite time of year. Summer. We get out, we explore. We hike, I bike. They swim…I sometimes swim. It is a great time of year to keep a child who has ADHD busy.

We have been to several new spots this summer:

Tidal Pools
Great places to explore

Tidal Pools along the coast. This is just a ten minute bike ride from our home.

So much to explore
Exploring the coast even in the fog
Explorer at heart
Look what I found

Then we went to a local wildlife park:

Shubie 005
Add the wood to your bog
Eskimo kisses

The animals here have been hurt in some way and can never return to the wild. They are no longer afraid of humans.

Nesting box
Make your own

It was #DuckDay at Shubenacadie Wildlife park the day we went and there was ton of activities for her to learn about our environment. We were there about three hours and she had a blast. I included a link to their Instagram account. You can check out more information about them as well!

We are being tourist in our own beautiful province of Nova Scotia. I seen on an Instagram post that you are considered a tourist 60 km from your home. We are exploring our gorgeous province, one tourist spot at a time this year. I hope to check out some waterfalls this year that we haven’t been to before. Also want to return to Burnt Coat and Peggy’s Cove as well.

I’m getting out more this summer. Really enjoying it. Seeing new things and in her eyes makes me rediscover how beautiful our Province is.

If you would like to see more of our photos please check out my Instagram account

Chill Mom Photos 





My new Photography and Book review site

I finally started a new site. This will be for my photography journey and Book reviews. So that this Blog can focus on Mental Health.

Please feel free to follow along with both blogs!!!

Photography Journey

Weekly Photo challenge: All Time favorite

Come to find out this will be the last Word press photo challenge…So sad!

I wanted to add to this one because it will be the last one, and I do enjoy posting the photo challenges.

So this is one of my All Time Favorites

Frozen flower
A different perspective.

It is one of my favorites because of the detail and the contrast. Also this is the first photo that I got any recognition for…even if it was only a little, still cool though!

You can check out more of my photos here on our Instagram account.


Tuesday Photo Challenge Ring

I haven’t done one of these in a while but I am excited for this one.

This challenge comes from Dutch Goes The Photo I truly enjoy his challenges and seeing his terrific photography. Go check him out and if you want to show us your own version of a ring!

I have been out shooting black and white for an assignment and have been enjoying seeing textures through my photography. This photo

Ring of new growth
The first sprouts of a fiddlehead forms a ring of new growth

Shows the new leaves just opening as they emerge from the ground.

Chill Mom Photos

Being Featured on a an Instagram account

Sunset behind hay
Featured @billandmillsunsets on Instagram



I’m so excited!

This photo was chosen to be featured on Bill and Mill sunsets account!

All my hard work on Instagram is paying off. I am at 700+ followers and learning how to navigate and comment and build a strong community of like minded photographers. For the most part. There is a lot that I haven’t achieved yet. But this is  a start.

Thank you all for coming and checking me out and following me on my photography journey!

I would like to thank Bill and Mill Sunset for featuring me on their account!!!

Chill Mom


Wordpress Weekly Photo challenge: Rather

Weekly Challenge: Rather

The weekly Photo challenge for this week to me is a simple one, but one that is hard to actually photograph. I would much rather be out hiking and shooting photos then sitting in front of my laptop, editing photos and typing up blog posts.  So I will share some hiking photos for this week!

Hike Through the woods
I’d rather be hiking
I'd rather be hiking
I’d rather be hiking

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Sunset to sunrise

I’m not the best night Photographer. I shake to much and I haven’t set up long enough to use a tripod. But I got a few Nice ones last week after a quick winter storm:


Winter Branches
Snow fall on Branches
Melting snow
Snow melting From branches

Thanks to Cee’s for creating this challenge!