Hello again!!!

Hello all my wonderful and dedicated followers. I must apologize for being away for such a long time. Summer flew by in a whirlwind of doctors appointments, beach days,  and photo shoots with my new camera!!!

We have so much going on but at the same time nothing. Do you have months like that? Where you feel like everything is happening at once, but nothing at the same time?

Nicole has been doing great, started school without a hiccup. And has been going everyday not late, until this week, she has gotten a head cold and I have kept her home. Her new pills seem to be working quite well and she is the one to up her medication when she feels she needs it. She is taking her own health into her own hands. More responsible and accountable. She still needs to work on handing in her homework and bringing materials home. But small steps.

She stood up to a bully in school the other day, for picking on another child in the class who has ADHD, this kids was yelling at him and Nicole stepped in and told the bully to leave him alone because he doesn’t understand ADHD and that he can’t control when he interrupts and how he acts sometimes. I guess she went on a full rant and tore into the guy. But hasn’t been to school since because of her cold, so I don’t know if it helped. She also posted a YouTube video about how upset she was about how people can be inhuman to others.

She is being more confident in everything, I am so proud of her improvements and changes she has made in her life. She cut off some very negative people from her life and has become more mature in the past few months.

Of course she still has days where she is not feeling the best, and still has panic attacks. She seems able to overcome these quicker.

The cons:

The one thing I will say negative about the medication, and I’m not even sure if it has anything to do with the medication. She has begun to pick at any scab that she has on her body, and unfortunately she has quite a few on her face. We have discussed it with one of her doctors and she said it is part of her OCD. She is hardly aware of what she is doing anymore, but she feels a sense of relief when she picks the scab. I looked this up and have to agree that it is part of OCD:

Excoriation disorder, is said to be a mental health disorder. Skin picking is a body-focused repetitive behavior (BFRB) that typically begins during adolescence, commonly coinciding with, or following the onset of, puberty around ages 13-15, 

I found that on This website

So we have to throw in OCD to the list of things going on inside of Nicole’s head. I already thought she had OCD, as she is an obsessive worrier. Now we just have confirmation. They say the Zoloft will help with this, but I find it gets worse when she is on medication.

She is also losing weight because the vyvanse suppresses her appetite.

Their is no winning sometimes. She is doing good in school, but other issues with the medication will make me stop her from taking the medication.

Has any one else had experience with Zoloft? We would love to hear from you!




Tender Moments

Tender Moments
Sweet moments with the birds

We are bird sitting these two sweet parrot-lets. They are the sweetest things. The lighter colored bird is very timid and shy, the darker one is very curious and gets into everything. They are keeping Nicole occupied this week, before we head off to another appointment on Wednesday.


Its been too long

WOW, I can’t believe how long it has been since my last blog post, let me see…Yikes, almost a month.

I can’t blame anyone but myself, I have been outside so much, spring has really blossomed here, and with two kids and a active husband, there really isn’t enough time in the day…Plus all the photos that need to be taken…HAHAHA

I wish I could tell you all that Nicole is doing fantastic, truth is we are pretty sure she has to come off the pills she is on. She has been having some dark thoughts the last few weeks and it isn’t really helping with her ADHD. So I want to take her off all medication for the summer and see how she does in September. There is no sense medicating her if the medication makes her worse, then better. All the medication so far has started to work, then once it works for a bit it starts to worsen her anxiety.

She has been working hard on getting through this year and we have been rewarding her for her great success. She had a really good couple of weeks after a chat with our family doctor. I think she would benefit greatly from a monthly therapy session.

Also, she has picked up a photography bug. We went out shooting the other day and she was shooting photos with my camera for an hour, asking questions and really wanting to figure out my camera. I am upgrading my camera in the next few weeks so this summer I’m going to go out with her more and see if this is something that can help her intrusive thoughts be banished. Maybe pick up a photography course. I find photography immensely relaxing. Something about being outside with a camera, just wandering around. That camera just feels right in my hand. It is seldom you see me without my camera now, especially with my phone as well.

So instead of doing just a Photography blog myself I may post her photos as well. I know I have been saying this but I want to be sure I want to start anther blog…And since I haven’t posted in a month…WELL… I will have to push myself more, I do enjoy it. And there are enough rainy days.

The other thing we have been thinking about is starting an Etsy store. She has sold some slime locally and LOVES making slime. I was thinking a little side hustle this summer would be neat. Teach her a little about income and budgeting. She wants to save up for a gaming laptop.

So many things we want to try, Oh I just had a great idea for another blog post…

I have missed this. I also Know that I have been awarded TWO Blog awards and I need to catch up on those as well.

Thanks again to all our readers and for being so patient with us. Even when we are not publishing frequently we get subscribers so that’s really cool. We only have a few weeks left of school, well about a month so that is exciting for Nicole. Means we will spend more time at the lake!!!

How has everyone been doing?

Chill Mom



The Collective art, the first company to let me promote them!

So I am excited to say that my first order with  The collective art has been placed and is on its way. I ordered Some semi rare Himalayan Salt Crystals to go with my collection of semi rare crystals I currently have.  I love the pretty stones and they do make you feel calmer just by having them around and playing with them, or placing them around the room. I also enjoy taking photo’s of them of course!

This young lady also has some unique astronomical paintings and other fun creative products. She offers hanging baskets for succulents and everyone knows how popular they are now! She is killing it! I can’t wait to order more products.

I’m excited to tell everyone that I can  offer you a promotional code if you are interested in ordering from this new start up company. I am happy to help this young lady out. She is becoming a Lady Boss and I love how courageous and dedicated she is.  So go check out her etsy page and hit me up if you would like to order some of her stuff!

Thanks so much

Tuesday Photo Challenge: Decay

Life amoung the decay
Chipmunk lives in the decay.

Another great challenge from Dutch Goes The Photo I Love these challenges and can’t wait to be able to get out and shoot more, once the weather gets better. Especially after learning the new stuff in my course. But for now, I am happy sharing my older photos and giving them new life.

Chill Mom



Is self Confidence something that can be changed just by what you are wearing?

I am going to try something new here, I am going to ask a question that comes to me through the week. I have recently joined Quora and started answering questions and I like the format, but I do not like that I cannot discuss it with the other people like I can on my blog. So I will put my questions to my followers, and anyone else who comes along to my blog.

I was getting ready to head out today and this came to mind, “How come I feel so much better about myself today?” Yesterday and the day before were kind of down days, I didn’t get dressed, stayed in my jammies for the day, and was just cleaning yesterday until we went out in the evening, and then I was just in my sweats. Today I am ready to face the day, dressed in a cute outfit, hair done. And I feel WAY better. Kind of like I could defeat the world, well at least my demons in my world. Is it really as simple as putting that extra effort into appearance that will give us better results in our self-confidence?

I was definitely going through a rough period over the past few years, fighting with depression, and lately, I have been coming out of that slump. So I am putting more effort into my appearance. Dressing better. I even chopped off most of my hair. And I feel better.

So I guess for me it is about dressing better. Doing my hair. I mean there are days when I’m still going to lay around in my sweats and blog all day long, but at least I know I can feel better if I put in more effort.

How about you? What makes you feel more self-confident? Are you like me and need to put more effort into your appearance to feel better about yourself?