Introduction of Hyper Child Nicole

Starting a Blog about life with ADHD from the perspective of a 12 year old girl and her mom.


      Hey my names Nicole. I’m 12 years old and I have ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) and anxiety. Me and my Mom decided to start this to help others with ADHD because its hard to deal with it I have lost friends and struggle in school and at home.

Today I’m starting this Blog as well as starting a new medication (Biphentin). I am feeling exited and I don’t know if its really doing anything. But keep in mind this is my first day using them. I do think my heart is racing and I still fell antsy.

So its been 3 hours since I had the pill… still fell antsy not feeling any different with taking the pill but it is my first day.. 

              Why I switched

So I switched from my old pill because it made me angry and depressed, it changed me I was separating myself from my friends I was just yelling at all my friends for no reason. I lost my best friend, I lost myself but then I found someone who could see past my anger, Sadness and depression. She didn’t care I was yelling at her she didn’t care I was sad she help me through that and I’m soooo happy that I found someone who cared to help me.

          Me without medication

So me without medication is like if you have coffee for the first time or a sugar high. I’m all over the place and I yell a lot and people think I’m to loud that’s why I lose friends. They don’t take the time to get to know me for me.

          Why I started the blog

The reason I started this Blog is because I know ADHD can be hard but if I could help someone at the end of the day I have done my job and let me tell you IT GETS BETTER

Thanks for reading


Please leave comments on what you think and ways that we can improve, please remember we are just starting this and any advice is appreciated.

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