Home on the couch!

Am laying on my couch recuperating after oral surgery this morning…wishing I was here:

Biking along this trail

But being home on the couch I am able to edit some photos, and catch up on my reading and my blog.

Medication Update

Nicole has had a great week. We have her on 20mg of Vyvanse and she is saying they are helping so much. She is getting her room done for her Birthday this week and wants to do some growing up. So she is getting rid of most of her LPS (Littlest Pet Shops) and wanting to be more independent. Once we have her room all done I will show you all a photo of her nice new “teenager” room.

Her temper has simmered down and she seems to want to get stuff done. Hopefully it stays on this course! Her sleeping has definitely improved and she has had a couple more sleepovers. Much improvements!!!

Social Media

Her biggest obstacle is social media and the “friends” that mock her or are just negative towards her mental health. She had to block four children on her snap chat, and Instagram. I was considering getting rid of her social media for a month or so to see if that helps, but we shouldn’t have to punish her for others actions. We told her to block them and not listen to what they are saying. But being a soft hearted person and a little too gullible makes it hard for her to just ignore people that she considers friends. I also like that she loves to post photos of adventures and I don’t want to take that away from her.

That is all for now, Thank you all for reading and commenting

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Have a great Weekend!

Chill Mom








Super Pumped about a Brand I will be working with over the next few months!

I am over the moon right now. I found a small company that wants to work with me and so I’m technically a Brand ambassador! I really like her crafty Etsy store and I don’t want to go into too much detail just yet but I have ordered her products and can’t wait to tell everyone about them and take photos with them and add them to Instagram. We will be working together and I will be able to offer a promo code to my followers on my blog and my Instagram. It is definitely a step in the right direction.

One thing I have learned is that you have to spend a little mula to get started in the Brand ambassador game. But if you already like there product then it is a win win!

I’m also talking to another company, we will see how that goes!

Does anyone else have any experience with working with brands or small start up companies?

Have a wonderful Hump day everyone!


Medication has been working wonders with an Instagram Update!

I really hate thinking of titles!

It is Monday and the time has been flying by. Aj has a March Break trip with cadets coming up and we have been going to meetings and doing some last minute shopping. She also got accepted into the University of her choice so she is pretty pumped about that! We are very proud of her. Now we are just waiting to see if she gets her Power Scholarship Course for the summer, so she can learn to fly Cessna’s…Ask me if I’m worried about my 17 year old daughter being able to fly a single prop airplane and having to fly it for 4 hours by herself to pass her course!!!!!

Next we have Miss Nicole. We got a email from her teachers over a week ago, saying that she is going to fail 3 of her courses!!!! SAY WHAT, you are just telling me this now? She hasn’t been handing in the work that she has been completing at home, and they haven’t been asking for it. Now I understand that they are not going to go to each student and hound them for there work. But they know Nicole has ADHD, and that means that her executive functioning skills sometimes need a little reminder. So ask her once and a while is there anything that you need to hand in? I’m sure you have time in your busy day, you have time to email me…on a FRIDAY to tell me she is going to fail if she doesn’t hand in some of her assignments. So for the last week she has been catching up on the ones that she hadn’t brought home ( these are the assignments that are handed out to her and then she stuffs into her binder, then leaves her binder in her locker) It was a bit of a rough week but I noticed a large improvement in her focusing.

We have upper her medication to 25 mg of Strattera, at night because it makes her VERY sleepy, at least until she gets use to this dose. And we have both noticed a difference in her focusing and her hyperactivity. She has been going to school better, even though she still complains and hates it, but she is going. She has been late a few times, but hasn’t missed a full day in a few weeks. She also said that she feels calmer and not as anxious about her health. She still needs to check the locks on the doors every night, but it is slowly getting better. Plus her room is staying tidier!

Overall I am impressed with this medication and it is working for her. Her appetite has remained about the same and she isn’t as angry as she had been with the Adderall. She is standing up to the kids in her class when they yell at her and speaking up more. It must be that her confidence is improving because her anxiety is lessening. Of course she will be doing excellent next year because it won’t be a new school and she will have a certain routine and then the following year will be a new school and we will have to start over!

We can only take it one day at a time and right now, things are good. Now to get her falling asleep on her own!

Me, well I was offered the position I applied for, and we discussed it as a family. AJ is trying to get a job herself, which means she would not be able to be home when I wasn’t home. Plus having the extra fuel bill and a few other considerations, I’m not going to go back to work. I was a little nervous to get back out there, but right now it doesn’t work for our family. I thought I would be sad but I really do enjoy being able to sit on my couch with my laptop and write up a post, whenever I want to. I can simply go for a walk and take some photographs, whenever I want to. I enjoy my freedom as a Stay at home mom. My children enjoy having their mom home to cook cookies before they get home, and cuddle when they had a bad day. Hubby likes coming home to a clean house and supper tucked away for him. I think we will know when it is the right time for me to go back to work.

Instagram Update    Chill Mom Photos

Maple Leaf Shine
Light shining through

The other thing is our Instagram account. A few weeks ago Nicole wanted to start an Instagram account for my photos. You can check out my blog post about it here

While I was getting the link I noticed the date we started the account, it was January 30th. And it is doing really well! We have close to 400 followers and I have been featured on another account. So my goal now is to become a brand ambassador, hopefully for Sony. I love their cameras but I can not afford one of their most recent ones. That is where my new blog will come in handy, if I ever get it up and off the ground. I want to be ready with a few photos and book reviews and I am checking out other blogs to see what works and doesn’t work!

There is so much information and I don’t know if my photographs are good enough to become a brand ambassador. But I am going to try! Who knows what will happen. I know you have to do a lot of social networking, and I think that is why my Instagram has grown so rapidly! I have dug up a little information on being a Brand ambassador for Sony, and I have a long way to go before then! But I am starting small and seeing how it goes! No harm in uploading my photos and letting the world enjoy them!

I had better stop this post, I know it has been awhile, but I have a couple photos to add and I need to dig deeper in my research.

Any tips from my fellow Photographers, or if anyone has or is a brand ambassador that would be great!

Have a good week everyone!

Chill Mom Julia

Book review request!!

So I have been approached by another author to review a book. I’m super excited about this because she wants to do an interview and a giveaway for my fellow readers. I’m not going to give too much away here because well I haven’t even gotten the book yet. But her synapsis sounds great. Another immigration type story. But I think this will be the first post on my book review/Photography blog. I have been thinking about this for awhile and this would be a great first blog post on a new site. Of course, I would link this blog to it so everyone could follow it as well. So I am going to have to really look around at good hosting sites and see what ones are the best. I’m leaning towards WordPress…well because I know how it works and it would be super simple.

The other thing I have to think about it whether I should try to make a little cash on the side. Even if it is enough to keep my little blog independent. So many decisions.

If anyone that reads this has any suggestions that would be wonderful.  I think it will be a great way to start a new blog with a book giveaway, she has offered to give me a giveaway book as well as a media kit…This is all good correct?

Everyone have a great weekend!

Chill Mom Julia

Changes about to happen, returning to the workforce…Maybe

The last few weeks has given me pause. Everyone around me has grown and changed, for the better. But I feel myself lost and adrift in a world that I use to understand. My oldest graduates high school in 135 days, where has the time gone? When she first started school I had just started being a stay at home mom. Now she drives everywhere, has her pilots license and is the WO2 of her air cadet squadron. June will be a bittersweet month for me.

Hubby has become a volunteer firefighter. He has discovered a new brotherhood and wants to become a career firefighter. He has found a group of people that he actually enjoys being with. He will go far with this I can feel it.

Nicole has finally found something that she enjoys and a friend that she can hang out with. She has cadets on Monday evenings, then Tuesday she heads to the gym with her Bestie. She comes home and is more or less in her room (until bedtime when she needs me) She has finally started keeping her room somewhat organized and clean, and her anxiety is starting to settle a bit and she can push through some of the smaller panic attacks. She didn’t want to go this morning, but wee pushed through it and she went and was on time. She is missing less time every week. I do think a lot has to do with her pills, the Strattera is helping on many levels. She even wants to attempt a sleepover in the next couple of weeks and says she feels more confident about sleeping over at someone’s house. This Friday they have a wake-a-thon and that will be good for her to stay away for a night with other people. She has a goal to go away this summer with cadets for two weeks, so that means we have to start working on her going to sleep without me in the room, and staying in her room.

What all this means to me:

I am a stay at home mom…until my children do not need me anymore. Not that they won’t need me from time to time, but for the most part I have two teenagers, that can be independent when they need to be. AJ is more than capable of looking after Nicole when she needs to. She can cook, she can get her out the door. I find myself more and more on my computer aimlessly going through websites, reading or just wasting time. I feel…BORED.

So I have decided to go back to work…Part time. I had an interview on Friday, it went really well. They said they think I would be a very good fit for the team. Oh, what it is you ask? Well Pharmacy Technician II. I am a Pharmacy Technician trained stay at home mom, that hasn’t worked for 13 years. But they loved me, loved the fact that I had been Senior Technician before deciding to stay at home with my children. I nailed the interview. They said they would let me know by the end of this week, but they liked that I wasn’t looking for full time and that I am a mature person that understands the commitment that goes along with a career. They said they are pretty confident that they will be calling with good news.

This is my new 5-10 year plan. I am going to become a Pharmacy Technician at a hospital so hubby can become a career firefighter. I have to start small, but by getting into a part-time position, three shifts a week, and then slowly moving to full-time hours, I can transition my whole family into me going back to work.

I’m super pumped. Being back at the pharmacy and talking about what I use to do, got me excited to be heading back. I did miss it, and although I wanted to become a pharmacist, it wasn’t in the cards. This is my new goal. And with a part-time gig I can still continue to blog, read and take photos and enjoy family time.

I haven’t told Nicole yet. I wanted to for sure get the position and go from there. I think she would be excited for me, and I will still be home in time for bed.

Do you have any returning to work stories? Were you anxious? How did your children handle it? I would love to hear any tips for returning to work after 13 years.

Chill Mom Julia

Is self Confidence something that can be changed just by what you are wearing?

I am going to try something new here, I am going to ask a question that comes to me through the week. I have recently joined Quora and started answering questions and I like the format, but I do not like that I cannot discuss it with the other people like I can on my blog. So I will put my questions to my followers, and anyone else who comes along to my blog.

I was getting ready to head out today and this came to mind, “How come I feel so much better about myself today?” Yesterday and the day before were kind of down days, I didn’t get dressed, stayed in my jammies for the day, and was just cleaning yesterday until we went out in the evening, and then I was just in my sweats. Today I am ready to face the day, dressed in a cute outfit, hair done. And I feel WAY better. Kind of like I could defeat the world, well at least my demons in my world. Is it really as simple as putting that extra effort into appearance that will give us better results in our self-confidence?

I was definitely going through a rough period over the past few years, fighting with depression, and lately, I have been coming out of that slump. So I am putting more effort into my appearance. Dressing better. I even chopped off most of my hair. And I feel better.

So I guess for me it is about dressing better. Doing my hair. I mean there are days when I’m still going to lay around in my sweats and blog all day long, but at least I know I can feel better if I put in more effort.

How about you? What makes you feel more self-confident? Are you like me and need to put more effort into your appearance to feel better about yourself?

One of those days

I am all over the place today. I started with pulling bed sheets off beds and washing them, saw some stains on Nicole’s carpet…decided today would be a great day to steam clean, found a crack in steam cleaner (loaned it out, go figure) Then thought “Yes those cupboards are looking a bit cluttered”. So now my kitchen is a tad untidy. I cleaned off the top of my cupboards where hubby keeps all his old bottles, they needed to be dusted before going back up. Discovered the cream of wheat had one left in it. Yup you guessed it I boiled water and had to eat it. Then decided I needed a coffee before continuing, made coffee, thought to myself I should get the carpet finished so it has the rest of the day to dry…Good idea.

Had to switch laundry or no one would have clean sheets tonight. Finished Nicole’s carpet…found out that the stains are MODGE PODGE!!! Not coming off. Time to rearrange to cover stains. Also, I have a whole post coming on the before and after of them cleaning her room.

At some point in there, I also took a couple pictures of my bottles and a bell, for a challenge on Flickr.

Ring the bell challenge for Flickr
Ring the bell

While I was eating though I was on Pinterest, and I was browsing through a few pins and was thinking I need more page views…mainly because Pinterest said I do.

I checked out this link

12 tricks to triple your blog traffic

from Lisa over at Drink Coffee and Prosper. Her blog has all kinds of useful tips!

And found the idea that if you answer questions on Quora and provide your link in the answer it will generate more page views and maybe more followers. So I have now stopped cleaning and am on my laptop, editing pictures doing up a post and answering questions on Quora.  HMMMMM I should at least get my kitchen put back together!

What a day