Home on the couch!

Am laying on my couch recuperating after oral surgery this morning…wishing I was here:

Biking along this trail

But being home on the couch I am able to edit some photos, and catch up on my reading and my blog.

Medication Update

Nicole has had a great week. We have her on 20mg of Vyvanse and she is saying they are helping so much. She is getting her room done for her Birthday this week and wants to do some growing up. So she is getting rid of most of her LPS (Littlest Pet Shops) and wanting to be more independent. Once we have her room all done I will show you all a photo of her nice new “teenager” room.

Her temper has simmered down and she seems to want to get stuff done. Hopefully it stays on this course! Her sleeping has definitely improved and she has had a couple more sleepovers. Much improvements!!!

Social Media

Her biggest obstacle is social media and the “friends” that mock her or are just negative towards her mental health. She had to block four children on her snap chat, and Instagram. I was considering getting rid of her social media for a month or so to see if that helps, but we shouldn’t have to punish her for others actions. We told her to block them and not listen to what they are saying. But being a soft hearted person and a little too gullible makes it hard for her to just ignore people that she considers friends. I also like that she loves to post photos of adventures and I don’t want to take that away from her.

That is all for now, Thank you all for reading and commenting

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Have a great Weekend!

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More Adaptations and talks with Principal and teachers.

So the last few days have been busy, to say the least. I was able to see the principal and get some more adaptations added to Nicoles file. We had a very good talk with her and she is super understanding and is willing to change classes for her as well as make any change, saying “We can be as creative as you want” Just love it.

Some of the changes we have put in place for her include:

*She is now allowed to wear her headphones in class unless the teacher is actually teaching. So while she is doing independent work she is allowed to put music on and tune out all the others in her room.

*She has been moved to a desk pretty much on her own, where she is able to stand and work if needed, she can fidget and not bother anyone else. This has worked before where she fidgets it can be distracting.

*She has a break card. So if it is getting loud in the room or someone, in particular, is bothering her she can place this on her desk and walk out. Then she has the choice of sitting in the outer room until she has calmed down, or she can go to the “chill out room”. I love this place that she can go to and get herself calmed down, it has a very “chill” vibe.

It also helped that Hubby was home yesterday and when she had her panic attack he was able to talk to her and calm her down. He told her how she must go to school and not let the bullies win. She has to be confident and love herself. He sat with her on the couch and got her calmed down and able to go to school.

She still hated being there yesterday and one of the children said if your allowed to have your headphones in then I am too…So the teacher will have to address the class on that point or will coach Nicole on telling them it helps her focus with her ADHD.

I honestly don’t know if all of this is going to work. Today she doesn’t have school again…another Inservice day, but when I woke her up she was already refusing to go. I will have to get Hubby to call her in the morning or something. But she only has roughly 10 school days left in this month. I know she can push through it. She had excellent marks on her report card so it is not the material that is getting her down.

The next thing on the list is talking with her pediatrician next week. We are going to be adding medication again, and hopefully starting on the path for a therapist, or group therapy.

Thanks all for reading,

any tips that helped you get through school or other ways of dealing with your ADHD or anxiety are always welcome!

Chill Mom



December equals craziness…usually

Welcome to the month of the crazies here at Hyper Child Chill Mom. We have parties, presents, concerts, wrapping, shopping, more parties, end of the year celebrations, candy, cookies, raffles, decorating everything with SPARKLES  and glittering lights, more candy, drinks, laughter, and don’t forget the all-important Christmas dinner.  We must get our Christmas tree up and decorated.

Father-in-law (the grump who resides in my basement) is up and out the door decorating the outside of our humble home…one of the reasons our electric bill doubles in December. The kids help him some, but the sounds of grips and grumbles the whole time he is up the ladder and arranging the lights is heard throughout the neighborhood. Blue ones on this tree, green…no no white on this one.

This year will be the second year without Hubbies mom. She was the one who made Christmas time special, first for her boys, then her grandkids, then me and my children. I never had a large Christmas until I moved here with hubby. And she made sure I had a great Christmas every year. So much so that she would go into debt every year, and dig herself out for the next two months. I remember the first Christmas I moved here. They had decorated for a month before Christmas. A huge village taking up one whole side of the living room, the other corner a large tree filling up half a wall, each side out from the corner. They had to remove the couch from the living room. Everyone was stuck sitting on the floor. It was amazing. I was up bright and early, yelling at everyone to get up, I was so excited. I had never seen so many presents under a tree. It took hours to open them. Everyone taking turns, reading out who it was from. And they were not a wealthy family. And everyone got presents they loved and hated. And each year was the same. No matter how ill she got, she took care of us and made sure we all got what we wanted. Even her last Christmas with us, she got us each something special to remember her by.

So this year we have decided to make it extra special. We usually get ordinary things for Advent Calendars. This year I got the girls special ones, unique to their tastes. AJ got a Davids tea one. A special tea every day for 24 days. Nicole got a Littlest Pet Shop one, with new accessories and pets for 24 days.

And with these bigger advent calendars, I wanted to explore what an advent calendar means. Here are a few facts I discovered:

* Advent means ‘Coming’ in Latin. This is the coming of Jesus into the world. Christians use the four Sundays and weeks of Advent to prepare and remember the real meaning of Christmas.

 *It dates back to at least 567 when monks were ordered to fast during December leading up to Christmas.

*In medieval and pre-medieval times, in parts of England, there was an early form of Nativity scenes called ‘advent images’ or a ‘vessel cup’. They were a box, often with a glass lid that was covered with a white napkin, that contained two dolls representing Mary and the baby Jesus. The box was decorated with ribbons and flowers (and sometimes apples). They were carried around from door to door. It was thought to be very unlucky if you haven’t seen a box before Christmas Eve! People paid the box carriers a halfpenny to see the box.

How interesting. I’m sure everyone enjoys the candy or treasures they receive, but I wonder how many know the true meaning anymore. I am showing our children more festive ways to celebrate this year…besides just the getting of the presents. They are doing a wonderful job so far. Already making mine and Hubbies gifts. We already volunteer at the animal shelter. And they are enjoying festive activities. I am almost completely finished, so I can sit back and enjoy the holidays myself. Take lots of photos. Chill inside while the kids decorate the tree, with some candy cane hot chocolate.

What are some of your festive activities you are looking forward to this December?

Chill Mom Julia


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What to do when your child wants nothing to do with school?

I’m back for another heart wrenching clear my head kind of post. Nicole is still struggling to go to school. It is getting worse, not better. She is telling me the work is too overwhelming, the topics they discuss cause her to have severe anxiety attacks, while at school. And she got in trouble yesterday for accidentally marking on someone with a pen…his hand was in the way when she went to grab for a paper (after asking him to move or hand her the paper himself) and when the pen wrote on him, he completely overreacts and she gets blamed. But Nicole will tell the teacher quietly when she is being belittled or the name calling won’t stop and nothing is done. I’m beginning to suspect that one teacher, in particular, does not accept ADHD as a viable diagnosis for what Nicole is going through, and in turn is a little harder on her. Nicole has started complaining about her. But kids complain about teachers. What am I to do. I’m not there, and I’m not going to start going to school with her.

It is so bad in the morning that when Nicole wakes up, she feels the panic start, and then starts crying. Not wanting to go. I feel like I am pushing her too hard because I have to get her to school, but at the same time, her mental health is my first priority. She comes home from school and tells me little stories; for instance today it was rainy, and it was darker earlier than normal, a few kids were like, why is it so dark, Nicole answers, because it is raining (not really that hard to figure out) and they told “No that’s not it Nicole”. In that condescending type of voice. Now either these children are very ignorant, or just idiots, I’m not sure which. But I am sick of her coming home and telling me these things. She was right, and they didn’t like it, I don’t know.

These same children are always nagging her about why she is always late and saying that she only wants to come to school for the fun things. I told her to tell them to mind there business, it doesn’t concern them, but she then tells me she is scared of them. They also make fun of the Autistic boy in the class, and Nicole hangs out with him, because she feels bad, and tells him not to worry, they don’t know any better. Does the teacher not see this stuff, all the time, or are they just turning a blind eye? Is Nicole overreacting?

So Guess what. I have parent teacher next week. So either things are going to change, or she is switching schools, or she will be homeschooled. I will be meeting with the Principal and making an action plan. Maybe all it will take is a switch of classrooms. But then again, there are always going to be bullies, people that will not let up on her. Should I be teaching her to stand up for herself, no matter the consequences? Hubby always tells her to punch them, but she is just too soft-hearted. So instead she needs to remove herself from the situation. I’m sick of my little girl coming home and ending up in bed because she is starting to slide into a bout of depression again.

What to do, what to do?

A very frustrated Chill Mom


Daily Prompt: Percussive

I’m trying to get my laundry caught up today and get ready for this week. Preparing a nice roast chicken with potatoes and stuffing, and the pots and pans are making a nice percussive sound. I love the sounds being made in an active kitchen. Making supper or dinner. Cleaning up after a large supper. Means that family has come and spent some quality time together. Shared some laughs. Now that two of my children are older, we see them less and less, Especially the oldest. She lives on her own and makes her own percussive noises in her little kitchen inside her apartment. So time with them means more to us. AJ is so busy through the week that Sunday supper is our only real dinner time to catch up and relax.

Chicken in the oven
The start of Chicken supper

So I wanted to just check in quickly with my blogosphere and share a quick daily prompt.

Chill Mom

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Asked to review a book

Well, I guess I am doing something correctly, I received an email last night from an author to read and review their book. I was thrilled and surprised. I have only done six reviews so far. Is that normal for book reviewers? I’m kind of excited and kind of nervous too. What if I’m not that fond of the book. It has 4-star reviews on Goodreads, and the other reviewers say if you like Stephen King, then you will like this author.

I’m going to start it after I finish the novel I’m reading now. I can’t put this one down, and I’m halfway through it, so I should be able to finish it today.

Do any other book reviewers have to do the review right after you finish the novel? I find everything is very fresh in my mind after I finish, and if I wait I tend to start another book and then the last books impact has lessened. I also find I have to keep notes about the novel I am reading, or everything that I thought about while reading it will be gone.

I am definitely enjoying book reviewing. Especially since it has turned colder out and AJ always has the truck, so I can not get out and take photos as much as I do in the summer. I love the fact that someone really values my thoughts about a novel. I may push the novel that was offered to me up to my next read. I have two others that I was approved for by NetGalley and Blogging for Books. I won’t request anymore until I have finished at least two of these. I don’t want to have too many books waiting to be read. I would get overwhelmed quickly. Then I would stop enjoying it.

I also found out that if you post your reviews on Indigo it counts towards points, for even more free books!!!!

Plus the more I read, the better writer I will become!

Hope e veryone has a wonderful day, I must go get Nicole motivated to get to school!

Chill Mom

Sucked into the Vortex

I’ll admit it, I have been sucked into a vortex of book reviewing. I love reading advanced copies of books, and then telling the world what I think of them…but it has its toll. I have a huge amount of books in my spare room, waiting for me to pick them up and sink into their worlds of fantasy, mystery, and travel. When will I get to them, if I am constantly adding advanced copies to my reading list?

I just got invited to Blogging for books as well, and crown publishing has invited me to read a book, do I accept everything, and keep reading?

Don’t forget all my household chores of laundry, vacuuming, dusting, dishes and making biscuits, cookies, and suppers. Then we have the motherly duties to Nicole and AJ, helping with homework, getting projects done for school. Hubby has a list that needs to be completed as well, getting his uniform clean for his weekly firefighting training night (have I told you I love Tuesday nights, it is my reset night, bath and a book). Kids and hubby gone for the night I can sink into a mildly hot bath and reset my weary body.

And yet in the past week, I have read three or four books. Is it because I can read faster when they are on my kindle? I just seem to power right through them. But my books on the shelves have been left to gather dust (oh yes I need to dust down there as well), oh shit, did I walk the dog yet?

“mom where is my…”, “Mom did you find…” “Babe, did you make my biscuits”, “Is my uniform ready?”

Sounds around me while I sit on the couch trying to catch up on my reading…

Maybe I should go get Nicole’s uniform and sew on that badge she earned…Shit is it even clean?

But still I find the time to grab my dell and check out a few blogs, add some comments to the blogs I just can not ignore, post a blog and a book review before I turn back to my neverending laundry. (I don’t think my washer is ever not going)

Do you have a million things that need to get done, but you just keep reading?

Chill Mom Julia