Hello again!!!

Hello all my wonderful and dedicated followers. I must apologize for being away for such a long time. Summer flew by in a whirlwind of doctors appointments, beach days,  and photo shoots with my new camera!!!

We have so much going on but at the same time nothing. Do you have months like that? Where you feel like everything is happening at once, but nothing at the same time?

Nicole has been doing great, started school without a hiccup. And has been going everyday not late, until this week, she has gotten a head cold and I have kept her home. Her new pills seem to be working quite well and she is the one to up her medication when she feels she needs it. She is taking her own health into her own hands. More responsible and accountable. She still needs to work on handing in her homework and bringing materials home. But small steps.

She stood up to a bully in school the other day, for picking on another child in the class who has ADHD, this kids was yelling at him and Nicole stepped in and told the bully to leave him alone because he doesn’t understand ADHD and that he can’t control when he interrupts and how he acts sometimes. I guess she went on a full rant and tore into the guy. But hasn’t been to school since because of her cold, so I don’t know if it helped. She also posted a YouTube video about how upset she was about how people can be inhuman to others.

She is being more confident in everything, I am so proud of her improvements and changes she has made in her life. She cut off some very negative people from her life and has become more mature in the past few months.

Of course she still has days where she is not feeling the best, and still has panic attacks. She seems able to overcome these quicker.

The cons:

The one thing I will say negative about the medication, and I’m not even sure if it has anything to do with the medication. She has begun to pick at any scab that she has on her body, and unfortunately she has quite a few on her face. We have discussed it with one of her doctors and she said it is part of her OCD. She is hardly aware of what she is doing anymore, but she feels a sense of relief when she picks the scab. I looked this up and have to agree that it is part of OCD:

Excoriation disorder, is said to be a mental health disorder. Skin picking is a body-focused repetitive behavior (BFRB) that typically begins during adolescence, commonly coinciding with, or following the onset of, puberty around ages 13-15, 

I found that on This website

So we have to throw in OCD to the list of things going on inside of Nicole’s head. I already thought she had OCD, as she is an obsessive worrier. Now we just have confirmation. They say the Zoloft will help with this, but I find it gets worse when she is on medication.

She is also losing weight because the vyvanse suppresses her appetite.

Their is no winning sometimes. She is doing good in school, but other issues with the medication will make me stop her from taking the medication.

Has any one else had experience with Zoloft? We would love to hear from you!




Home on the couch!

Am laying on my couch recuperating after oral surgery this morning…wishing I was here:

Biking along this trail

But being home on the couch I am able to edit some photos, and catch up on my reading and my blog.

Medication Update

Nicole has had a great week. We have her on 20mg of Vyvanse and she is saying they are helping so much. She is getting her room done for her Birthday this week and wants to do some growing up. So she is getting rid of most of her LPS (Littlest Pet Shops) and wanting to be more independent. Once we have her room all done I will show you all a photo of her nice new “teenager” room.

Her temper has simmered down and she seems to want to get stuff done. Hopefully it stays on this course! Her sleeping has definitely improved and she has had a couple more sleepovers. Much improvements!!!

Social Media

Her biggest obstacle is social media and the “friends” that mock her or are just negative towards her mental health. She had to block four children on her snap chat, and Instagram. I was considering getting rid of her social media for a month or so to see if that helps, but we shouldn’t have to punish her for others actions. We told her to block them and not listen to what they are saying. But being a soft hearted person and a little too gullible makes it hard for her to just ignore people that she considers friends. I also like that she loves to post photos of adventures and I don’t want to take that away from her.

That is all for now, Thank you all for reading and commenting

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Have a great Weekend!

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Three medications for the win!

Having had Nicole on Sertraline or Zoloft 100 mg for about 6 weeks now I can say we have found a way to beat her anxiety, but as soon as she skips a dose the thoughts will creep right back in.

She missed yesterday mornings dose and by bedtime she was feeling anxious again. “I feel scared mom, and don’t know why” Asking when her sister would be home, until I told her she was safe at her boyfriends place for the night. I gave her one pill last night and in an hour she was doing OK again, but she wasn’t back to her perky self until this morning after her morning dose. It is fantastic seeing such an improvement with the medication. She is definitely a more confident person. Braver, more likely to speak up when she needs to. For example she got her hair cute last week and was able to tell the hair dresser that she wanted it shorter. Didn’t need to hang off of me or be comforted by my side.  She has been to two sleepovers this summer and she is more comfortable doing things on her own. HUGE improvements with regard to anxiety.

As well we started her on Trazadone for insomnia. This too has helped. She is now able to fall asleep without the aid of melatonin, which I know seems like switching one aid for another. But the melatonin she could beat, push against it until she was past the I’m tired point, and it was not working any longer. With Trazadone she is not able to fight the effects of this medication. She falls asleep within 30 minutes. I feel once we get back into a school routine she will be able to fall asleep at the appointed time. Ending morning struggles. The best thing is that she is able to get up in the morning with out much argument. Which is something we HUGELY struggle with. There have been some mornings when she has gotten up without me asking her too, before 9 am!

Next week is the third part of the medication trial. In this part we are adding a medication to treat the ADHD.  We will be adding Vyvanse 10 mg in the morning and slowly increasing it until we get a desired effect. Both the Psychiatrist and the family doctor both rate it highly. Have seen many people take to it right away. It is still a stimulant but it works differently in the brain. It doesn’t affect serotonin levels just norepinephrine and dopamine. The body breaks it down differently as well. I have read reviews and did the necessary research, and I am hopefully and enthusiastic. The only thing we can do is give it to her and hope for the best. I am positive that she can do better this year in school. With some help from medication, and hopefully patient teachers.

I am hoping for a change in teachers this year, and am very much looking forward to grade 9 when she will go to a new school, with new technology and new teachers.

Overall this summer has been a more upbeat one. We have done some day trips, we have been doing spelling tests with her and she has started working on her first book report on Wonder…Little bugger just remembered the whole thing from when someone read it to her in grade 6. Making her read a new book this month! Gosh she HATES to read!

Anyone have experience with Vyvanse? Good or bad we would love to hear about it.

Chill mom Julia

Another Medication!

So we had our first appointment with a psychiatrist. I didn’t know what to expect, but I figured it would be like all the other appointments. It basically was. We talked, he talked, he explained, but most important…HE UNDERSTOOD.

Oh the relief. The physical strain of having to explain that Nicole does not sleep, she does not want to sleep has been lifted from my shoulders. Her thoughts keep her up at night, this in turn is keeping her from waking in the morning when she should. I now have it in writing that this is why she has a hard time getting up and going to school in the morning. It has her restless and irritable. He gave her a diagnoses of insomnia and generalized anxiety, along with the ADHD.

Now I’m not saying that because she hasn’t slept really well for most of her life is the cause of her ADHD, but I’m sure it does not help! As I type this she is sleeping away…because she didn’t get to sleep until 1 am. So in turn she has to sleep later to catch up. And it is not a good sleep. So when she does finally pull herself from the depths of sleep she is never fully rested.

But I digress. He prescribed a sleeping pill. All I could think was “Finally” I have only been asking for the past five years that my daughter be put on something that could get her brain trained to sleep when it is suppose to and keep her asleep.

He has also taken her off her third medication…Strattera and put her on an anti-depressant, sertraline. His goal is to treat the anxiety first and see where that takes us. Maybe if she starts getting sleep and feeling less nervous and scared she will overall feel better.

She left his office with a HUGE smile on her face, for she hated the medication and felt that it was the cause of all her negative thoughts and feelings. And since she has been off the Strattera she hasn’t had a panic attack. Her sleep hasn’t gotten better but we had to wake a couple of weeks to let the other medication out of her system before starting the sleeping pill, so far no luck. I gave it to her last night (fourth night taking it) and still no luck getting her to fall asleep easily, or keeping her asleep.

She is starting the sertraline today and we will see how it goes. I will keep everyone posted as to how she is doing with it. I hope with these posts someone learns something, although not every medication works the same for everyone, some people have fantastic results on all three of the previous medications she has taken. But I want people to understand that it does take a while, sometimes, to find just the right combination of medication and therapy to help. We have had three years since her diagnoses of ADHD and we are really no further ahead than we were four years ago. Although we do have a better understanding of ADHD and anxiety. And we know what doesn’t work for her.

Now we are going into summer vacation next week, and I know that her sleep will not get any better through the summer. Routines are thrown out the window with the sunny days and late nights.

We are hoping that by September we will have the kinks worked out and she will have a more positive outlook for school and be a little more organized. That is our goal anyway!




Reblog: From Army of One

https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/feeling-our-way/201804/how-think-about-adhd In response to the article (link above) entitled … How to think about ADHD by Michael Karson. Whilst I agree with the bulk of this article, I’m not entirely convinced on the meds point personally. I would argue that if people are not experiencing effects that are perhaps best described as being potentially ‘life […]

via ADHD is a three fold situation – Biology v/s Psychology v/s Environment combined. — Be The Change!

I read the article they included in this post and I didn’t really agree with it.

What does everyone else think? The article makes it seem like changing the environment surrounding the ADHDer will make the symptoms go away. And makes it seem like it doesn’t affect their quality of life!!! Seriously


Maybe I need more coffee.


Chill Mom

Nicole’s Newest Post

Hey Guys, I’m back.

I haven’t been doing very well with going to school. Not going to school today because of my anxiety; I haven’t been doing very well with projects or anything like that and I just wanted to say that we’re trying my pills (Biphentin)  again we didn’t think they worked last time but we’re going to try them again because my mom thinks they’re going to work for me to get to school on time and I just haven’t been doing my homework and I haven’t been going to school because I think the teachers are going to get mad at me!

If you have any suggestions on how to get to school on time I really need some help on that!

I’m going to be going to my school counselor so that’s good so I just wanted to give you guys an update!
Thanks for following and reading our Blog, hopefully with this new Speechnote https://speechnotes.co/ app I can Blog more!!! I was SUPER excited to see that we have 11 followers! I hope you all enjoy the Blog

Hyper Child

Do I have to medicate? #ADHD problems

After Nicole’s diagnosis the Psychologist said you will have to medicate her. So we waited for a year to see a pediatrician (we currently do not have a family doctor) so we could “fix” what was wrong with Nicole’s frontal cortex. During that year we added adaptations. We encouraged and we changed routines. And we were doing great. 

Then we added the medication…

First it was Adderal XR. This was a disaster. She was moody, depressed, she withdrew from her friends. Her teacher was concerned. And she stopped her singing lessons. 

So over the summer we stopped taking it. Summer time is for relaxing and enjoyment, and throwing routines out the window. She was a happy, normal 12 year old. She went zip lining, faced her fear of heights in doing so, and LOVED it. 

We once again started the Adderall the middle of august,to get ready for the school year, and instantly it was a disaster. Within a week she had changed again. 

We returned to the pediatrician and told her the Adderall XR was not for Nicole, can we try something else? 

Biphentin ADHD medication

She prescribed Biphentin. This medication worked to a point. I noticed a difference, she seemed calmer, but distant. Not herself. She was a bit moody, not like the Adderall but different. She has all new teachers so they do not know how she was before her medication. They tell me she is doing great, She is writing in ELA, she is doing great in math, whatever she is struggling with, everyone seems to be struggling with. She had a couple of incidents where she was outraged by someone’s remarks, but she handled it well. Not OVERLY emotional about it. But at home she is different. Distant is the only word that describes it well. Not acting the same at all. Her personality has changed. 

Off the medication

Nicole and I have decided to stop using the Biphentin. It does not seem to be working, and I have noticed the last few days that she is actually doing better off it. Her room is clean this morning, she has been getting along with her sister, and she got to school on time this morning. I have to say I know what the medication does to Nicole. It suppresses her personality. The last few days she has been cheerful, she is in her room, PLAYING, acting herself again. I know she is a bit hyper but if the teachers are not complaining and calling me then why do I need to medicate her?( her teachers are great this year, Her ELA and Social studies teacher was her older sisters teacher).

The Doctors tell us that we should medicate because if you have a heart condition then you would take medication to help that. 

Its a good analogy but I don’t think it works for all children with ADHD. Yes I get frustrated, but I would rather get frustrated with a good nature 12 year old, then a yelling screaming, snot nosed, angry 12 year old.

I also believe that Nicole’s anxiety was causing some of her struggles last year. We have been doing really well keeping her anxiety under control. It has been a long process but it seems to be getting better. 

I hope someone reads this and gets some information from it. We all know taking medication is a trial and error period. So far we have had more errors…I think, for now, taking her off the medication is the best way for her. As her education advances we will have to reassess. 

Thanks for reading, Leave a comment and let us know how we are doing.

Calm Mom Julia