Home on the couch!

Am laying on my couch recuperating after oral surgery this morning…wishing I was here:

Biking along this trail

But being home on the couch I am able to edit some photos, and catch up on my reading and my blog.

Medication Update

Nicole has had a great week. We have her on 20mg of Vyvanse and she is saying they are helping so much. She is getting her room done for her Birthday this week and wants to do some growing up. So she is getting rid of most of her LPS (Littlest Pet Shops) and wanting to be more independent. Once we have her room all done I will show you all a photo of her nice new “teenager” room.

Her temper has simmered down and she seems to want to get stuff done. Hopefully it stays on this course! Her sleeping has definitely improved and she has had a couple more sleepovers. Much improvements!!!

Social Media

Her biggest obstacle is social media and the “friends” that mock her or are just negative towards her mental health. She had to block four children on her snap chat, and Instagram. I was considering getting rid of her social media for a month or so to see if that helps, but we shouldn’t have to punish her for others actions. We told her to block them and not listen to what they are saying. But being a soft hearted person and a little too gullible makes it hard for her to just ignore people that she considers friends. I also like that she loves to post photos of adventures and I don’t want to take that away from her.

That is all for now, Thank you all for reading and commenting

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Have a great Weekend!

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Mash Up of Updates

So I have a lot going on and I feel like I have been neglecting my blogging duties. So I wanted to do an update post, while Nicole’s Budgie keeps me company in the living room. His chirping is such a lovely companionable sound.

Such a friendly Bird


The reason I am not posting as much is that I am doing an online Photography Course to improve my photography skills. I love taking photos and posting them, but I feel they are lacking something. I don’t know if I would every do professional photography but I have entered a couple online competitions. I am also on Flickr and of course, I do stock photography. But I wanted a better understanding of the technical side of photography. This has been taking up some of my time, but here is a photo I took with my new found knowledge:

A frozen version

I have a new found appreciation for RAW files and will definitely be going back and forth. I am looking forward to taking AJ’s Grad portrait in raw and see how they turn out. I love how much more detail I can get in raw format.

Update on Nicole

Nicole has been going to school pretty regularly. I made the parent decision to keep her home last week once for a snow day. I figure if I won’t drive on the roads, my children are not going to school. She then had a hard time getting back into the routine Thursday. We met with the Schools plus mental health lady. Turns out we have worked with her before and is up to date with Nicole and her anxiety and ADHD. But we talked about everything and Nicole didn’t want to go straight to school. I had to bring her home and get her calmed down. But she did return to school in the afternoon, and Friday she went no problems. She will be going every Thursday to help her get her anxiety under control.

She still has a few guys calling her stupid and just tormenting her, so we told her to just act like she does with her sister’s friends and talk crap back to them. Some of this may just be raging teenage hormone and not knowing how to express themselves properly. We also told her that some people do not like intelligence in people and have a hard time accepting that. She is doing much better dealing with them and ignoring them.

She also is doing better in school, has a math support group that she goes to daily( they are working on fractions, even I hated fractions and ordering them from smallest to highest). She still has a hard time handing in work but we are getting better with it.

Her anxiety is still worrisome, she has been actually checking the locks and this does not seem to be going away. But she has let me go to sleep in my own bed twice when she gets tired she comes into our bed, but we are working on getting her to fall asleep in her own bed. She does go to her bed by herself sometimes but still needs me until she falls asleep. I will be emailing the doctor this week to see if we should be increasing her medication. She was focusing better but not to the point where she can sit for a long period of time.

Aj’s friend that has ADHD is a large help with Nicole and they get along like sister and brother. He has a great understanding of what she is going through and it helps Nicole knowing that she has someone to talk to. Plus he always says he will kick the crap out of anyone that bothers her.

Family Update

It was my birthday last week and hubby took me to Captured Escape Rooms. That was a great experience and I received a free play so we will be returning. We did a prirates Brig one and the clues were just the right level for our first time. We got out with 9 seconds left on the clock. The math clues at the end were our downfall! They were gracious enough to open on my birthday for me which I thought was amazing! They were very accommodating. They have one there that is an elevator one. That is the one I really want to try.

I also went to get my second tattoo. I love it. It is about 2 inches square on my right wrist of Nevermore with a raven sitting above the word. This has meaning to me because when Hubby and I got together I would read this to him at night. “The Raven” By Edgar Allen Poe is my favorite poem and he is a great author. I will be getting another tattoo on my left wrist that is a novel opened with SK on the spine and “constant reader” written below it.

I do not have a lot of tattoos but I do like this one and want one for Stephen King and then I will be getting my girls names on my shoulder. That will be all I get, oh and maybe a small dragonfly for my mom.

Let’s see what else, Hubby has been responding to calls, but nothing as exciting as the night of our large storm. He loves being a firefighter and thinks that he will become a career firefighter in the future. As a volunteer, he gets more experience. He got his firefighting tattoo this weekend as well, it is a skull wearing a fire helmet with his station number on it. He loves getting tattoos and wants both arms covered.

Aj got a tiny Bumblebee on her left wrist. This is for several reasons. One it is because bumblebees shouldn’t be able to fly…they are large and their wings are small, and she still finds it hard to believe that she can fly gliders. It is also to remind her to stay environmentally conscious. She wrote her Power application exam and we are impatiently waiting to hear if she will be going for the interview.

Blog update

I am considering going to the paid site as well as adding product reviews to my online experience. I do enjoy the fact that I can review and get people to try products or books. I had one person tell me they were trying the book because of my review. That thrilled me. But I do not know if my Blog is big enough. I also love that Nicole and I share this blog, although she has not posted in a long time. She loves that I keep her updated (we are 1 follower from 150 followers). Maybe I will wait until I hit 200 followers. I may just start another blog and keep this one going. I would love to hear your opinions on this. Maybe I should just focus on getting more followers and be happy reviewing books. I have a hard time keeping this one flowing, although this one does do good. I would like to actually make a passive income with the blog at some point as well. So many things to consider!

I hope everyone is enjoying their January, can you believe it is almost over with already. Soon it will be June and my first born child will be graduating!!!!


Well that was quite the week

I am sorry my fellow bloggers, I left my last blog post in the middle. My pupper had a medical emergency and I had to drop everything and get her to a vet. Hubby came home and we took her down. Luckily she is ok now. They gave her a shot and we brought her home. Apparently, she ate some beads from Nicole’s room that had some slime on them…Slime has glue, which is poisonous to dogs.

Following that horrendous day we had AJ’s Christmas party with her friends, and then took them skating at a rink that we rented for an hour (at Midnight) for them. That was so much fun. The kids enjoy that so much.

We had a lovely Christmas, Nicole received her Gopro (generic brand) and another camcorder for her youtube videos. AJ got her new vinyl player and a bunch of other teenage stuff.

I received new lenses for my camera and my new Stephen King novel, that I have been waiting impatiently to read. We had a fabulous Christmas dinner over at Hubbies Stepfathers place, where we all pitched in and cooked a feast fit for Kings and Queens. On our way home there were cops blocking our way, we had high winds and it knocked some power poles down. Hubby ended up going on two calls for the fire department. It was a little insane. But we got a game of Cards Against Humanity in (Hilarious, if you have an open mind).

Today is the first time I have been able to sit down and do up a post. I haven’t been on WordPress at all, just checked my emails and read some posts. I have missed commenting a some that I have enjoyed so I will have to go back and comment on them.

The good news is that we received a family doctor finally. And his clinic is in a building shared with an ADHD Clinic. So we go see him on Jan. 2nd. Nicole is super pumped to try her new pills and maybe seeing a specialist about her ADHD and anxiety. We will be seeing someone about the OCD in the coming year as well. Especially now that we have a family doctor that can refer her to someone!

We still have New Years to go, which we don’t really do anything Special…Chinese Food and a movie…at home. We are not big parties and I do not enjoy large crowds of drunken idiots…So we stay in. Typically hubby works the next day anyway. He will want to be home to respond too, I’m sure New Year’s Eve is a busy time for the fire department.

I hope every one of you are enjoying your Holidays. I am going to finish up some chores, maybe take my camera out for a photo shoot of the harbor (it is -27 here with the wind chill and the fog coming off the harbor is stunning).

Happy Holidays from Hyper Child and Chill Mom

PS We have been nominated for another award WHOO HOO…I will be doing that post very soon!!! Thanks, Ginger Effect!