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Book Review Zenka by Alison Brodie

36423193This was a great light-hearted read that I was happy to pick up after the heavier stuff I had been reading. It delves into mobster themes while keeping it a comical and feel good kind of novel. It was perfect timing too because it is timed around the holidays.

The end of the novel was great, made you feel all fuzzy and warm inside. The way the author brings all the characters together at the end was a very creative way to bring unknown characters together into the story. You wouldn’t expect it from a crime/mobster suspense book.

I loved how Nicolas grew as a man for I like a man, not a sniveling wimp. It was entertaining to read about his attempts at becoming a man. I enjoyed the letters that Zenka sent to her friend and I enjoyed the mystery that Brodie wrote with. I adored the neighbor upstairs, she was like a grandmother to Nicolas.

I can not compare Brodie’s writing style to anyone because she is unique and I enjoyed that. This novel has twists and turns that you wouldn’t expect and the characters are well developed. It was a fast-paced novel that I could have read in one sitting, had I have had the time. I can’t wait to pick up another one of Alison Brodie’s novels.


**I would like to thank Alison Brodie for reaching out to me and giving me a copy of this fantastic novel in exchange for an honest review. 


Weekly Rant

I posted a rant on my Blogspot site before we switched to WordPress and I enjoyed it. I liked getting some stuff off my chest. So I’m going to start a weekly rant. Just so I can get some stuff off my chest. It will be whatever I have discovered through the week that has bothered me or upset me.

Let me know what you think

I had the idea to do a rant and now I’m not sure what to rant about! Go figure.

Ok here’s one. My oldest daughter is graduating this year. Which means she is applying for universities and colleges. She has several she wants to apply to. In Canada there is an application fee to apply. This ranges from 25-200 and higher. So to help offset the cost, if you go to the open house at the university they will waive the fee. So she is planning on going to several open houses. Apparently her school will not consider this a school event absence. I know they are cracking down on attendance, but for the children that have a future, and a bright one, don’t you think they should be encouraging them to go to the open houses. If they will not excuse them, then it will effect there exemptions from exams. You can not miss more then 4 days per class, and it has to be an excused absence. Going to the open house, if your parents say you are going to an open house, it will be considered an excused absence, but will count for the 4 days. My daughter has a 90 average. I’m sure she can miss a few days, especially when it involves her future. Plus her marks are so high in some classes that writing the exams wouldn’t affect her average.I would let her stay home just as a mental health day. I know how stressed she is getting. I do understand that a lot of the students would use it as an excuse to get out of school. But for the students that really want to attend a university this is a great opportunity for them to see what the school is like. There must be a way to let the children seriously considering university be excused for that morning or afternoon so it doesn’t affect there absences.

Plus the universities waive the application fee if you go to the open house and apply on the spot. This makes it easier on the parents, or the child if they have to pay their own. They then have more money left for the rest of grade 12 expenditures.

Like Grad fees, Grad Photos, Prom dresses, Tickets to all the grad events, Safe grad;

I forgot how expensive Grade 12 can be. Thankfully my daughter is frugal like me and she will not want the most expensive dress on the rack. We also understand that it isn’t going to cost only 20 bucks.

Is there something about your child’s school that really irks you? This is the place to rant. I’m always a good listener!

Thanks for reading

Chill Mom Julia

Daily Prompt Exceptional

I have an Exceptional life. I am a lucky woman. I stay at home all day while my husband works and my children are in school. I clean up in the morning, do laundry, you know the usual stay at home mom stuff. Then I can do whatever I want after that. Take today for example. I got dressed and went for a Photography Hike. Took some exceptional photos and posted them on flickr.

I have an exceptional dog.

I have an exceptional Husband.

I have 2 exceptional children. One who is in the process of applying for several universities and colleges and scholarships. One who is the most creative and loving child.

So I believe that I have an exceptional life. In my eyes anyway, and that is all that matters to me.

Have a great day

Chill mom Julia


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